KDE4 will rock

I’ve been playing some more with KDE4 v4.2 mainly Debian unstable in a VirtualBox VM, but also a Fedora 11 beta livecd on my main laptop and installed on my EeePC. The most important thing, stability, is definitely there now, it hasn’t crashed on me at all. I really could pull the trigger on . . . → Read More: KDE4 will rock

I need an idiot-proof shell

After decades of never losing any significant data, last night I deleted my Video dir for the second time in six months, along with my Music this time. Fortunately I had learned my lesson and had a complete backup this time. The first time I lost a large amount of non-critical videos I had . . . → Read More: I need an idiot-proof shell

KDE 4 finally ready for Prime time?

KDE 4.2 desktop

I’ve had a virtual machine running KDE4 from the Debian experimental repos for a while now. Every few months, when I notice some announcement of a point release I update it and give it another try. Up till now I’ve always been disappointed in some way.

I first tried it . . . → Read More: KDE 4 finally ready for Prime time?