Backporting new code to Debian packages

I like Linux distros packaging systems, especially Debian’s. It makes it trivial to install, remove and change to different versions of programs. The only problem is that sometimes there is a delay in packaging the latest version of an app.

Never fear though, if you are willing to do a little bit of work . . . → Read More: Backporting new code to Debian packages

Firefox 3.5 startup problem (solved)

Firefox[1] 3.5 has been out for a while now, but I’ve only recently managed to switch due to the program not starting up unless I use a weird command line hack.

By using the strace command I found it was hanging on a futex call, starting in safe-mode and even deleting .mozilla didn’t fix . . . → Read More: Firefox 3.5 startup problem (solved)

KDE 4 finally ready for Prime time?

KDE 4.2 desktop

I’ve had a virtual machine running KDE4 from the Debian experimental repos for a while now. Every few months, when I notice some announcement of a point release I update it and give it another try. Up till now I’ve always been disappointed in some way.

I first tried it . . . → Read More: KDE 4 finally ready for Prime time?