The Troll Range Minecraft server


I have a Minecraft server. The address is trollrange.mcph.eu

View from near my house.

View from near my house.


It is a whitelisted server so you will need to send me your Minecraft username to be able to log in.

It is a vanilla server, no plugins are installed, so if you want any of the fancy shmancy bukkit stuff then you’ll need to go elsewhere.  It’s currently running 1.8 and will be updated whenever new releases are made, but only actual releases so no bleeding edge snapshots.

Once I get a bit more organised I’ll set up an automatic download of the map data so if anything ever happens to the server you can grab a copy of the world and upload it elsewhere, or just load it into your own machine and play single player.

The idea behind the server is to have a shared area around the spawn point where we can collaboratively build some nice stuff, and a nether hub with paths out to people’s personal areas.


  1. No PvP except by mutual consent.
  2. No stealing, griefing or otherwise screwing with other player’s stuff.
  3. No modifying of other player’s structures without consent.

Essentially all the rules can be summarised by “Rule 0: Don’t be a dick”.

The rules are not absolute, as long as rule 0 is obeyed the rest are flexible. For example it would be perfectly fine if you need a couple of plants to start your own farm to take them from someone else’s farm and replant. This is technically a violation of the stealing rule but causes no harm so that kind of thing is fine.

Pranks are allowed as long as they are not too destructive. Setting up a TNT trap in someone’s house is NOT okay, but building a giant chicken on top of their house is fine.

I want the rules to be socially enforced, so I haven’t enabled any technical limits like switching off player damage. I want to give people the freedom to play how they want as long as that doesn’t interfere with other people’s fun.


Known home coordinates:

I intend to have a map of the world with people’s home areas labelled, but until I get the tools set up to do that here is a list of coords of people so you know where to go to say hello and where to avoid if you want your own private area.

Name Minecraft name Home coords
Ghworg TrollgodOfKill -887, 64, 325
Zaxian Zaxian 20, 102, -1273
Leetle Phaethon00 -800, 1550
LevelZero Level_Zer0 39, 117, 1578
Websoul websoul_nl 578, 87, 560
Yawgmoth81 Yawgmoth81 2266, 69, 269
Jackolas Jackolas126 1212, 72, 746


Weekly world backups