I’ve recently made my site xhtml 1.1 compliant, even serving it as application/xhtml+xml to those browsers that say they support it. The changes I’ve made have messed up the layout for Internet Explorer I’m told. I don’t have a copy of IE on hand right now to check and all the decent browsers show . . . → Read More: XHTML 1.1

WMF flaw was deliberate

Wow, this is really scary. I just listened to episode 22 of the SecurityNow podcast and according to Steve Gibson the recent WMF vulnerability on windows may have been a backdoor intentionally placed there by Microsoft. The nature of the flaw means that there is absolutely no reason for it to be there as . . . → Read More: WMF flaw was deliberate

Setting up cygwin sshd

I couldn’t manage to get public key authentication to work for the cygwin ssh server. It just kept rejecting my key for no apparant reason, the permissions on all the files were correct and the server itself was configured fine. The problem turned out to be windows permissions.

Failure output:

Connection from $IP port . . . → Read More: Setting up cygwin sshd