mplayer, insufficient resources error

Trying to play large resolution videos on my laptop used to throw up the following error: > X11 error: BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation)

I always assumed that it was just the crappy graphics card in the machine that couldn’t cope with big videos, but it turns out that X was just splitting up . . . → Read More: mplayer, insufficient resources error

Setting mplayer options for freevo

For quite a while now I have suspected it’s possible to set mplayer options on a per-file basis in freevo. I finally found the magic incantation to do this. What you need to do is create an FXD file with the same name as the video file you want to set the options for . . . → Read More: Setting mplayer options for freevo

Creating DVDs in linux

While I was shifting over my little AVI to DVD howto from tikiwiki to wordpress I thought I had better go check out whether the linux tools have improved since the last time I tried them. I don’t want to be recommending non-free stuff if I don’t have to. It does seem that the . . . → Read More: Creating DVDs in linux