Virgin Media are petty scumbags

For a few days now I’ve been working (a few minutes at a time) on writing a post about how to monitor your bandwidth usage using munin by directly querying your cable-modem. Today however, when I checked my nice munin graph I found it had stopped working at about 8AM. Some further diagnostic procedures . . . → Read More: Virgin Media are petty scumbags

Let my kernel be Free

Playing a movie using Free driver

There has been some interesting progress on the open-source drivers for ATI graphics cards recently. It has long been a goal of mine to have a completely Free kernel, it’s why I bought this laptop rather than an NVidia-based one. I want better 3D performance than Intel . . . → Read More: Let my kernel be Free

Suspend works

I got my Toshiba Tecra 8000 laptop to successfully suspend and resume, yay! The key is not to use the neofb framebuffer, but the vesafb one instead. Also the usb modules uhci_hcd and usbcore need to be unloaded before suspending. If you don’t then suspend works but instead of a proper resume you get . . . → Read More: Suspend works

Inconsistant /dev

I have two machines running debian testing, my desktop and my laptop. They both boot off the first partition of the first IDE disk, and yet one is listed as /dev/hda1 and the other as /dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part1. They are both running the same software, including the same kernel version compiled with the same options (except . . . → Read More: Inconsistant /dev

Stopping lockups with nvidia drivers and AGP

I use the nvidia drivers on my linux desktop in order to get proper TV output, and in my experience they are unstable pieces of crap. For the longest time my machine would lockup, seemingly at random but more frequently when watching stuff with freevo/mplayer. I finally tracked the problem down to the nvidia . . . → Read More: Stopping lockups with nvidia drivers and AGP