OPML support for rss2file

I’ve added OPML import/export functions to my little aggregator program rss2file. Was quite a bit more awkward than it should be due to the braindeadness of the format. I’ve no idea whether the import will work beyond the examples I’ve tried it with, because there are no standard attributes. You basically have to guess . . . → Read More: OPML support for rss2file

Music Player Daemon

I have finally been able to ditch the crash-fest that is known as xmms, several times in the past year I’ve looked for alternatives to it but nothing ever seemed to be able to meet my requirements. It’s not like I’m looking for anything esoteric, all I want is

ESD output support for mp3, . . . → Read More: Music Player Daemon

Browsing network shares

I wanted a way to browse network shares without having to mount them first or resorting to clunky guis like nautilus. So I worked out how to do it using autofs. The engine behind this being the two scripts for NFS and Samba. Combined with a standard autofs setup that references them I can . . . → Read More: Browsing network shares