So, I have a twitter/status.net app that I use to consolidate all the micro-blogs I’m on and produce a single timeline in a sidebar of my news page. It was originally written as a python plugin for pyblosxom, which runs the rest of the site. It turns out that this causes huge delays in . . . → Read More: OAuthcalypse

Poor mans offsite backup

Before I got some proper offsite backup space* I used to make tarballs of files and dump them in my gmail. Not the most elegant solution but it worked and is free (I know about gmailfs, but I could never get it to work reliably).

This is the script I used to send the . . . → Read More: Poor mans offsite backup

Convert files to UTF-8

I occasionally come across text files with weird squiggles or numbers in them were there should be characters. Usually it’s accented characters, but in extreme cases I’ve seen it happen with speech marks.

The problem of course is that the files are not ASCII, and text files don’t store what character set they were . . . → Read More: Convert files to UTF-8

Twitter to XMPP (Jabber)

The other day I noticed that irssi (the IRC client I use) had a XMPP plugin. It occurred to me that since I’m on IRC a lot it would be really cool to pull microblog feeds into irssi via this plugin.

For identi.ca this was a doddle, since laconica supports XMPP natively. Twitter however . . . → Read More: Twitter to XMPP (Jabber)

Backup script v2

I’ve rewritten my backup script in python (it was in bash) in order to make the old backup handling date-based rather than a simple iteration. So it now renames dirs to daily.1, daily2, weekly1, monthly1 for old backups that are one day, two days, one week, one month old etc.

Not being able to . . . → Read More: Backup script v2