Moving from svn to git

I’ve spent most of the evening trying to figure out how to use git. For a long time I’ve wanted to have the repositories for some of my personal projects available on the web. For a time I was allowing external access to my apache internal apache server, but I’m wary about that because . . . → Read More: Moving from svn to git

Multiconica update

I’ve fixed a small bug in my twitter/laconica combining script. HTML tags in tweets were being interpreted by the browser because I wasn’t escaping the < and > characters. That should be fixed now.

In addition I’ve decided to give the script a better name, from now on it will be Multiconica.

Download . . . → Read More: Multiconica update

Twitter and Laconica combined

I’ve written my first bit of javascript code. It’s designed to combine multiple twitter and laconica feeds into a single stream.

It uses jquery, so you’ll need to include that as well as this code. Then add a div with an id of “microblog”, which will get filled up with the tweets. The tweets . . . → Read More: Twitter and Laconica combined

Backup script v2

I’ve rewritten my backup script in python (it was in bash) in order to make the old backup handling date-based rather than a simple iteration. So it now renames dirs to daily.1, daily2, weekly1, monthly1 for old backups that are one day, two days, one week, one month old etc.

Not being able to . . . → Read More: Backup script v2

OPML support for rss2file

I’ve added OPML import/export functions to my little aggregator program rss2file. Was quite a bit more awkward than it should be due to the braindeadness of the format. I’ve no idea whether the import will work beyond the examples I’ve tried it with, because there are no standard attributes. You basically have to guess . . . → Read More: OPML support for rss2file