So, I have a twitter/status.net app that I use to consolidate all the micro-blogs I’m on and produce a single timeline in a sidebar of my news page. It was originally written as a python plugin for pyblosxom, which runs the rest of the site. It turns out that this causes huge delays in . . . → Read More: OAuthcalypse

Multiconica update

I’ve fixed a small bug in my twitter/laconica combining script. HTML tags in tweets were being interpreted by the browser because I wasn’t escaping the < and > characters. That should be fixed now.

In addition I’ve decided to give the script a better name, from now on it will be Multiconica.

Download . . . → Read More: Multiconica update

Twitter and Laconica combined

I’ve written my first bit of javascript code. It’s designed to combine multiple twitter and laconica feeds into a single stream.

It uses jquery, so you’ll need to include that as well as this code. Then add a div with an id of “microblog”, which will get filled up with the tweets. The tweets . . . → Read More: Twitter and Laconica combined