Suspend works

I got my Toshiba Tecra 8000 laptop to successfully suspend and resume, yay! The key is not to use the neofb framebuffer, but the vesafb one instead. Also the usb modules uhci_hcd and usbcore need to be unloaded before suspending. If you don’t then suspend works but instead of a proper resume you get a black screen with the word “Linu” in yellow in the top left.

I’m using the uswsusp package for the job, s2disk works out of the box (with the above caveats) but s2ram needs the options “-f -a3 -m” in order to work. I would send the details to the devs to add it to the whitelist but there is a slight problem there:

This machine can be identified by:
    sys_vendor   = ""
    sys_product  = ""
    sys_version  = ""
    bios_version = ""
See for details.

Not very helpful. So for now I’ve just compiled my own so I can run s2both, as that only works with machines that are on the whitelist.

I’m not sure I can live without neofb however, vesafb is incredibly slow when scrolling text. I may forget about using suspend and just live with hibernate.