Moving to Ma.gnolia

I’ve moved (well, copied) all my bookmarks from to ma.gnolia. The service has some pros and cons compared to delicious.


  • Much better feed support (Atom, yay!)
  • Supports OpenID.
  • Supports the API in addition to it’s own for easy porting of apps/plugins.
  • Cached copy of the bookmarked site in case it goes down.


  • Seems to be slower than at times.
  • More cluttered interface.
  • Everyone else is using

The interface clutter I can live with since I rarely go to the bookmark site itself, only access the data through various tools. The speed is a worry, but then again there were similar slowdowns in the early days of delicious so hopefully magnolia will get better.

As far as everyone else using delicious…hey I’m an early adopter for once :-).