Firefox extensions I use

Just installed yet another firefox extension, and I thought I’d share with the world all the extensions I currently use. Maybe you’ll find something useful in there.

SessionSaver .2
Absolutely essential this one, reloads all the tabs I had open when firefox was last open. Even if it crashed!

Adblock and
Adblock Filterset.G Updater
Get rid of those pesky adverts, everyone already has this one installed I’m sure. The updater keeps my block list up to date for me :-).

Tabbrowser preferences
Preference options for tab settings that should be in the main firefox IMO.

Bookmarks Synchronizer
Upload/download bookmarks from a FTP or HTTP server. Useful if running firefox on multiple machines. Now that I have most of my bookmarks in I’m thinking of ditching this one though.
Not the best interface to, I’d prefer foxylicious if it added bundle support, but it does the job.

Stops me from forgetting people’s birthdays.

Turn text into clickable links.

Tab History
When opening a link in a new tab, make that new tab inherit the history from the source tab.

Download Embedded
No more scanning through page source to find the address to download those embedded videos.

And finally, pass off downloads to a proper download manager rather than trying to use firefoxes dodgy download support (resume never seems to work for me in it).