Inconsistant /dev

I have two machines running debian testing, my desktop and my laptop. They both boot off the first partition of the first IDE disk, and yet one is listed as /dev/hda1 and the other as /dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part1. They are both running the same software, including the same kernel version compiled with the same options (except targetted to different CPUs) so why the difference?

They did take different paths to reach this point, and I assume that is the cause, udev (I think thats the responsible party) picking up configs from whatever was installed before. I recognise the stupidly long path as being a devfs type of thing, and vaguely recall playing with that on the laptop so that’s probably it.

The big question is, how do I get the laptop to use the nice short path like the desktop does? Without spending several hours researching into how udev works that is :-).

(Update: 03/04/2006)
It was udev, and I fixed it by the, obvious in retrospective, simple measure of comparing the /etc/udev dirs on the two machines and changing the laptop’s one to match. It had an extra couple of files in it, a devfs one and a compat one.